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Meet Kathleen - Your Quilt Expert

Nashville Longarm Quilting - Kathleen Haskett
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Meet Gretchen and Kathleen

Gretchen is my wonderful quilting partner. She has 3 motors and 2 computers. She is an automated Statler/Gammill quilting machine.


I am Kathleen.  My services include:

1) Carefully quilting the wonderful quilt top you have spent a lot of time and money making,

2) Custom producing  a quilt for you from scratch, or 3) Appraising a quilt for which you are seeking to know a value.

Note: I am not a retail store; I do not carry fabrics for sale, but I make, design, sew, quilt and bind quilts. I've had to stop repairing quilts, unless it is to completely rebuild a quilt that needs a total “facelift.”


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Services I Provide

Nashville Longarm Quilting - Kathleen Haskett

Quilt-Top Sewing | Custom-Quilts | Vintage Quilt Appraisals

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Nashville Longarm Quilting - Kathleen Haskett

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